Pick'em Contest Rules & Regs


RULES of the Pick'em Contest

  1. Only one pick per week for each person, i.e., any person with multiple usernames will be disqualified. 
    Any person who has been banned from soonertimes.com is disqualified from the contest.
  2. Each game is given a point value based on the difficulty of the game.
  3. Points are earned by picking the winner of each game.
  4. You earn points according to the point value of each correct selection.
  5. There are 210 possible points for each week.
  6. The contestant with the highest points will win the weekly contest
  7. In case of tie the first tie-breaker will be the number of correct picks for that week.  The second tie breaker will be determined by starting with the highest point value and adding the points until one person has the highest value.  If there is still a tie for that week, the third tie breaker will be the highest score for the next week.
  8. Winner for the year will be the person with the highest cumulative score.  Tie breaker will be the highest cumulative number of correct selections for the year.
  9. There will be a “Special Bowl Edition” of the contest which will not be included in the “Regular Season.”
  10. All other disputes will be decided by the Commissioner of the Pick’em Contest

Viewing Results

There are a number of ways to view results or picks

  1. Last Week's Results.
  2. Weekly Results.
  3. Standings for Year.
  4. Master Score Card.
  5. Picks that have been submitted.


Easy Tips from Lallie for the Pick'em Contest

Lallie has some infallible methods of picking winners.

  1. Always pick your team according to the looks of the quarterback.
  2. If that is a quandary, pick your team according to who you want to win, not who will win.

Have fun, dahlinks!